Monday, July 27, 2009

Miles Observing

Momma when I am really old I am still going to live wif you.
Even when I have kids. But you aren't going to be the boss of my kids, I am going to be the boss of my kids. You can be the boss of Daddoe.

Me: (on day 6 of Kindergarten) Have you made any friends yet at school?

Miles (exasperated:) No Momma, the boys haven't made friends yet. Only the girls have made friends.

Well, duh! Of course!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Miles today

While watching this with me

Momma, I like Miss Marbles
Is Miss Marbles an angel dressed up like an old lady?

Then at bedtime, after I had told him to get back in bed, that I had things I needed to go do

Him: But Momma, I am a night creature!

Me: I know Miles, but you need to settle down and go to sleep

Him: But Momma, my brain doesn't work that way!

Me (to myself:) Where have I heard that before???